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A Short Story About Us

Putting a great meal on the table is not just about hiring a great Chef. It involves a leader who understands your needs and has a solid team supporting them. A team that understands the vision for quality service and working towards a common goal.

It has long been our philosophy that culinary arts is a team sport and when it comes to putting a great meal on the table, everyone on the team has just as important of a position to play as the Chef. The stewards and culinary prep people are the backbone of the kitchen and the servers and wait staff are the voice of the Chef and messenger of information to our guests.

Along with the drive and aspiration to deliver first class service to clients, the team at Evolution Catering also understands the importance of community and giving back. Our Chefs have worked diligently throughout their careers to pursue this vision and build a team that shares their values.

Our Team

From humble beginnings and a passion to deliver quality event services, two Chefs transitioned a lifelong dream into a reality. Already having an established reputation within the Central Alberta Food & Beverage community, Chefs Michael Card & Paul Lynn have crafted a company to deliver memorable guest experiences & quality locally sourced products.

Food & Beverage Director

 Mich​ael Card RSE

Chef Michael Card brings a wealth of culinary passion and expertise to Evolution Catering. He is a recognized Red Seal Chef that has held Executive Chef positions at prestigious hotels and resorts across Canada. Michael puts culinary emphasis on the utilization of fresh, local ingredients, creating memorable experiences and supporting the local community. Bon Appétit!

Food & Beverage Director 

Paul Lynn RSE

Chef Paul Lynn has been in the food & beverage industry since 2005. He was formally trained in Central Alberta, obtaining a Red Seal through Red Deer College's Culinary Arts Journeyman Program. Paul's industry experience has a focus on catering & private events, also working with the Boys & Girls Club of Red Deer as their Chef at Camp Alexo for 13 years.

Quality Food

Flexible & Dynamic

Professional Staff