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Evolution Catering 

Terms & Conditions

Off Site 

Deposit & Payment

In order to secure your date, a deposit of $500 is due upon signing of a function contract. Any cancellations made will result in the loss of the full amount of your deposit, with no other amount left owing.

If an event is postponed more than 60 days prior to the original booked date of the event, the original deposit amount can be applied to the revised date. An event postponed less than 60 days prior to the original booked date of the event will result in a loss of the full amount of the deposit. Note a postponement will be honored one time. If an event has been postponed more than once, a new deposit will be required to secure the date of the event.

Choice of Function Package must be chosen 4 weeks prior to event date.

Projected Guests – Projected numbers of guests are required no less than 2 weeks in advance. The Chef will accommodate no more than a 5% influx in guaranteed numbers.

The balance of the function contract will be due along with final guaranteed attendee numbers 72 hours before the Event to avoid cancellation.

Any additional unexpected charges incurred on the date of event are due no later than 48 hours after the event.

There is a 15% gratuity charge & 5% GST added to every Banquet Event Order.

Evolution Catering & Events Ltd. is released from any responsibility or liability being personal and/or property in relations to any part of the event.

COVID-19 & Any government restrictions will be applicable and evaluated on a case to case basis


In the event of bad weather, The Event will still proceed and the convener will be responsible for all agreed upon costs from their guaranteed numbers.

Sample Dinners

Sample dinners can be provided for plated meal services only. Sample meals will be for a maximum of 8 guests and payment for sample dinners is due after the sample is complete. All additional beverages will be charged as per rack rate.

Catering Rules & Regulations

Evolution catering will require access to the property the night before the Event or Early morning of the event for the onsite kitchen & buffet table set-up.

Evolution Catering Trailer Requires a dedicated power line. Venues that do not have this available will require the use of a Generator to power the Catering Trailer -Supplied at no cost by Evolution Catering

Evolution Catering services Central Alberta - an applicable service charge will apply if out of the service area. Please consult with our Catering Team

Tents are to be supplied for outdoor Events by the Event Coordinator to meet Evolution Caterings requirements and timeline

Evolution Catering is not responsible for any patrons arriving or departing the facility. It is the responsibility of the function convener to ensure the safety for all their guests.

Food Guidelines

Choice of Function Package must be chosen 4 weeks prior to event date.

Due to health & safety regulations there is to be no food processed by our kitchen left behind.

Evolution Catering will provide all Buffet Tables and Linens.

Evolution Catering will provide all Utensils & Food Services.

Buffets will be available for a maximum of 1.5 hours to service your guests.

There will be a single double-sided buffet for every 200 Guests in attendance.

All Plates, Napkins & Buffet Tables are to be removed from the Venue no later than 2 Hours post scheduled dinner time.

Non-Alcoholic Beverage Services

A Non-Alcoholic Punch Station is a great option to provide to your guests, especially when there are children at an event.

$70 (Approx. 25 portion Punch Bowl)

Flavors: Caribbean Punch / Harvest Punch

Canned Pop Service - $1.5

Bottled Water - $2

Please feel free to contact us for availability, to schedule an appointment and discuss the aforementioned with you.

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